current developments

319 Jarvis Street

Jarvis Residences Inc. has retained Goldberg Group as land use planners in relation to an application to amend the Zoning By-law (ZBA) to permit redevelopment of the lands known municipally as 319, 321 and 323 Jarvis Street (the “subject site”) for a 50-storey mixed use residential building with retail uses at grade.  The project consists of a mix of 506 residential units, 69 sq. m. of retail and service space, 35,316  sq. m of residential area, and a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 30.89, as per gross floor area calculations under Zoning By-law 569-2013. 

The subject site is 1,143 sq. m. (0.28 ac) in size and located on the east side of Jarvis Street, approximately 60 m (196 ft.) south of Gerrard Street East, in Downtown Toronto. The subject site is currently occupied by a 3-storey commercial building at 319 and 321 Jarvis Street and a 3-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street. The commercial building at 319 Jarvis Street is currently occupied by a hotel and the 3½-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street contains a vacant retail store front and two residential rental units above. These properties are not listed or designated on the City’s Heritage Property Inventory.  

Application Number:  17 116378 STE 27 OZ

Planner Name:   Cynthia Owusu-Gyimah

Phone Number:   (416) 394-2608