current developments

186-188 Jarvis St-Ryerson

This application proposes a 27 storey student residence in partnership with Ryerson University. The project is proposed to contain 197 units (583 beds) with commercial or retail uses on the ground floor at the property known municipally as 186-188 Jarvis Street. This report provides preliminary information on the above-noted application and seeks Community Council's directions on further processing of the application and on the community consultation process. Next steps include the scheduling of a community consultation meeting, the date of which is yet to be determined. A final report is targeted for the second quarter of 2013. The target date assumes that the applicant will provide all required information in a timely manner.

Preliminary plans feature an estimated 20 storey building that will offer a mix of one, two, three and four bedroom units.

225 Jarvis St-Grand Hotel Redevelopment

Proposal for rezoning related to maintaining the existing 13 story building that consists of 177 hotel units and restaurant and constructing a 45 story l tower and building podium which will contain 451 residential units


308-314 Jarvis St-225 Mutual St

The applicant proposes to construct a 50-storey building consisting of a 9-storey podium and a 41-storey tower at 308-314 Jarvis Street and 225 Mutual Street. The proposal contains 590 units, five of which are townhouse units fronting onto Mutual Street. Five levels of below grade parking are proposed. The heritage property is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act and is protected by a Heritage Easement Agreement. It is proposed that the rear section and basement foundation of the existing heritage house be demolished and the home moved to allow construction of a below grade garage and then relocated to the south on the same lot. Heritage staff have evaluated the proposal and do not support the proposed
movement of the heritage building as it would constitute an unnecessary negative impact on a valuable heritage resource.

The proposal represents over-development of the site and would have a negative impact on another significant heritage resource, Allan Gardens, which is a significant cultural heritage landscape that is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The proposed building does not transition to the neighborhood designation, creating unsupportable shadow and over look issues.

203 Jarvis St

This application proposes to redevelop the existing commercial surface parking lot at 203 Jarvis Street with a 20-storey hotel containing 261 guest rooms with a proposed building height of 61 metres (66 metres including mechanical penthouse) and a gross floor area of 14,702 square metres. The applicant proposes 69 vehicular parking spaces within three levels of underground parking accessed via a car elevator. The hotel would include limited grade-related retail such as a coffee shop or convenience store for public use with a total area of approximately 104 square metres.

Revised 20160816: 
Proposed 35 storey mixed-use tower with 242 hotel suites and 227 residential units 

284 Sherbourne St

Condominium Approval for a 4 unit building (a single 1-Bedroom and three 2-Bedroom) with 4 parking spaces.


519 Sports Facility in Moss Park Toronto

At a high level, the project team is developing plans for a 150, 000 to 200,000 square foot indoor/outdoor multi-use facility. The facility would be built to the highest accessibility and environmental standards, increase passive parkland, and build much needed turf space creating inclusive sport and recreational facilities. The opportunity to redevelop The John Innes Community Centre, Moss Park Arena and Moss Park for The 519 Sport and Recreation Project 4 project will allow for the renewal of much needed sport and recreation infrastructure in the community.