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Current building applications filed with the City of Toronto within the GDRA

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Shuter St Watermain Replacement Project

The City has held a few meetings earlier this year to glean insight to help us finalize the tender and to deliver the construction work for this project. Depending on your location east / west of Church Street along Shuter Street, there are some impacts to you. 

Work will be starting t will have one lane of traffic in each direction and regular operation resumes at the traffic signal at Yonge Street. 

If your property is affected by thon Monday, August 8. This one day, along with the first week will have a large traffic impact in the area as Shuter street will only have one westbound lane from Victoria Street to Yonge Street — cars can only exit Shuter Street into the Eaton Centre. If cars wish to access Yonge Street they will have to do so from an alternate street. From August 15 to the end of the project, October 28. Shuter Streee work going forward, like water shutoffs etc. the contractor will provide hand-delivered notice. 

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Section 37 Guidelines Toronto

This staff report shows money that was collected via the Parks Levy in recent years. As of Sept 2013 there was more than $230 million in uncommitted parkland reserve funds available. According to the list of appendices, there is a breakdown by ward available.

Design Guidelines for Tall Buildings in Toronto

Council recently adopted the updated Tall Building Design Guidelines for use in the evaluation of all new and current tall building development applications. The updated guidelines establish a unified set of performance measures for the evaluation of tall building development applications across the city. Updates to the guidelines include clear language and layout; strengthened connections to Official Plan policy; and emphasis on design excellence heritage conservation and sustainable design. The guidelines ensure tall buildings perform to the highest architectural design standards protect existing neighborhoods and enhance Toronto's livability.

Land Use Planning and Appeal Reviews

A series of public consultations are in process regarding proposed changes to the planning act as it effects the city of Toronto. We highly recommend that area residents review the attached presentation and either attend the upcoming meetings or pass on your views by email to MPP Glen Murray. This could be an opportunity for area residents to have substantial input into the size, and height of proposed development in our area. 
• The Development Charges Act
• Parkland Dedication
• Section 37 of the Planning Act

Seaton House Shelter Redevelopment George St Neighbourhood Revitalization

Seaton House, a 543-bed City-operated emergency shelter for men located at 339 George Street, is in critical need of redevelopment due to the building's aging condition and its challenges in providing appropriate emergency shelter programs. Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (SSHA)and Long-Term Care Homes & Services (LTCHS) are partnering to recommend an innovative project that responds to community need and addresses both the need to redevelop Seaton House and the need for a long-term care home in downtown Toronto. The divisions
are recommending the co-locationof services in a new facility on George Street to more effectively address the needs of both short-term homeless men and an aging vulnerable population. 
At its meeting of November 30, 2009 City Council gave the General Manager of SSHA the authority to negotiate a public interest partnership with Spike/KMAI to  redevelop Seaton House along with adjacent properties to the south. Those negotiations were not successful.