current developments

200 Dundas St. E-241-251 Jarvis St-280 George St

This application proposes to rezone the subject lands to permit the development of a new mixed use building comprised of two towers (48 storeys on the west side and 35 storeys on the east) atop a podium ranging in height from 2 to 10 storeys, with grade related retail and office, 693 residential units above and 352 parking spaces in a below-grade parking structure at 200 Dundas Street East, 241-251 Jarvis Street and 280 George Street.

Update 20130530: This application proposes to construct a 45-storey mixed-use development with retail, cultural space and residential. It is comprised of a 29-storey tower atop a 16-storey base building that transitions to 14 storeys then 4 storeys on George Street. The application proposes 767 residential units, 560 vehicular parking spaces and 786 bicycle parking spaces.

To alter the re-development plan for a 47-storey mixed use building approved under site specific By-law 1341-2013 by reducing the number of parking spaces, increasing the height of the building, and to alter the definition of residential amenity space. 

21 Dundas Square-252 Victoria St

Revised application - April 3, 2009 - 40 storeys - 362 units, fill in gap between the buildings - includes the demolition of one and retention of two historical buildings. Rezoning application - includes the demolition of one and retention of two historically listed buildings and demolition of 2-storey commercial building.

UPDATE: Proposal to construct a 40 sty condo with commercial on ground floor, 4 levels of below grade parking, and 336 dwelling units. 252 & 258 Victoria St and 21 Dundas Sq. 

175-191 Dundas St East-235 Jarvis St

To allow for the re-zoning of the subject lands for the constructing of a 47-storey 534 unit mixed use condo building containing related retail uses on the ground floor and residential uses above. A total of 80 underground parking spaces will be provided for visitors along with bicycle parking spaces for visitors and residents.

Revised (March 3, 2015):
To permit the construction of a 50-storey mixed use building containing retail uses on the ground floor and 563 apartments above. A total of 45 underground parking spaces will be provided. A related zoning amendment applicaion was approved by the OMB.

257 Dundas St East

An integrated shelter facility where youth are housed for up to one year, are offered living skills and are either enrolled in education or training, or are employed. 

This will be Canada's first & Toronto's only transitional housing facility exclusively dedicated to serving homeless LGBTQ2S youth

219-231 Dundas St East

Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate the construction of a mixed-use building, with a tower height of 29 storeys and a 5 storey podium. Retail uses are proposed at grade, amenity space on the 2nd floor, residential units located on floors 3 to 29 of the tower. The proposed development includes 19,801 m2 of residential Gross Floor Area (GFA) and 211 m2 of non-residential GFA (20,012 m2 in total). 

REVISED:  Site Plan Control application for a mixed-use building with a tower height of 21 storeys plus MPH. Retail uses are proposed at grade. The proposed development includes 222 residential units, 13,905.0 square metres residential GFA, and 210.0 square metres non-residential GFA.


212 Dundas St

The site contains the early 20th century hotel that originated as a small walk-up apartment building, as well as the surviving portions of a late 19th century house form building. The property is historically, visually and physically linked to its surroundings on Dundas Street East revealing another part of the development and evolution in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries of the neighborhood now known as the Garden District.