270-272-274-280-288-Church Street

Rezoning application by Ryerson University to permit a 27-storey building with a height of 112.5 meters including the mechanical penthouse. The building will contain 15,490 square metres of academic, administration and retail space in the base building and an additional 10,796 square meters of space in the tower for 100 student residence units with 332 beds in total. The proposal also includes four levels of underground parking containing 167 commercial public parking spaces.containing 375 dwelling units and 100 parking spaces below grade.

215-229 Church St-117 Dundas St East

Proposed 46 Storey residential tower including a 5 storey podium with 616 units and a total gross floor area of 40,656 square metres. The building is comprised of 39,3986 square metres of residential gross floor area and 670 square metres of ground floor retail commercial space.



30 Mutual St-88 Queen St East

The currently proposed development is primarily residential with retail uses at grade on the Queen and Shuter Street frontages. The proposal consists of base, streetwall and tower elements and includes a mixture of high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise buildings, which reflect the downtown urban fabric. There are three residential towers, each at 28 storeys (79 metres, exclusive of mechanical penthouses). An eight-storey building (24.5 metres) fronts Queen Street East. Five-storey residential buildings face Mutual Street and six and eight-storey residential buildings face Dalhousie Street. There is a four-storey podium on the Shuter Street frontage, above which there are eight-storey buildings and the northern 28-storey building. The total density proposed is 9.0 times the area of the lot. The proposal includes 1,790 square metres of accessible at-grade public openn space.

75-77-81-83-85 Mutual St

To obtain site plan approval for the construction of a 38-storey mixed use condo building containing 375 dwelling units and 100 parking spaces below grade.


59 Mutual St

Proposed 32-storey apartment building with a 5-storey podium. Building height to the top of the mechanical penthouse would be 100.5 metres. The project would have a Gross Floor Area of 17,524 square metres which equates to an FSI of 16.3. The development proposes 275 dwelling units, 57 vehicular parking spaces and 297 bicycle parking spaces.

155-163 Dundas St East

A rezoning application for the construction of a new mixed use building with retail at grade. It will have 384 residential units with 5 levels of below grade parking. The building is proposed to be a 43 story building including a 10 story podium.