319 Jarvis Street

Jarvis Residences Inc. has retained Goldberg Group as land use planners in relation to an application to amend the Zoning By-law (ZBA) to permit redevelopment of the lands known municipally as 319, 321 and 323 Jarvis Street (the “subject site”) for a 50-storey mixed use residential building with retail uses at grade.  The project consists of a mix of 506 residential units, 69 sq. m. of retail and service space, 35,316  sq. m of residential area, and a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 30.89, as per gross floor area calculations under Zoning By-law 569-2013. 

The subject site is 1,143 sq. m. (0.28 ac) in size and located on the east side of Jarvis Street, approximately 60 m (196 ft.) south of Gerrard Street East, in Downtown Toronto. The subject site is currently occupied by a 3-storey commercial building at 319 and 321 Jarvis Street and a 3-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street. The commercial building at 319 Jarvis Street is currently occupied by a hotel and the 3½-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street contains a vacant retail store front and two residential rental units above. These properties are not listed or designated on the City’s Heritage Property Inventory.  

Application Number:  17 116378 STE 27 OZ

Planner Name:   Cynthia Owusu-Gyimah

Phone Number:   (416) 394-2608

90-104 Queen Street

Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a 34-storey mixed-use building, with a height 107.95 metres to the top of the wrapped mechanical penthouse. The building will include a 3-storey base element that incorporates retention of the four storey Richard Bigley building (98 Queen Street East) and the three storey facades of 100 to 104 Queen Street East. A total of 23,848 square metres of gross floor area is proposed, consisting of 356 dwelling units and 339 square metres of retail and community space.

Includes the following properties:  

    90 QUEEN ST E
    92 QUEEN ST E
    96 QUEEN ST E
    98 QUEEN ST E
    100 QUEEN ST E
    102 QUEEN ST E
    104 QUEEN ST E
193 Church Street



  • * 193 Church Street
  • * 195 Church Street
  • * 197 Church Street
  • * 199 Church Street
  • *  201 Church Street
415 Yonge St

Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a 42-storey residential addition atop an existing 19-storey office building resulting in an overall building height of 61 storeys and a floor space index (FSI) of 24.74 times the area of the lot. The proposed addition would include 450 residential dwelling units totalling approximately 36,128 square metres in area and also proposes: 900 square metres of amenity area; 74 parking spaces located below grade within the three levels of the existing parking garage; and 577 bicycle parking spaces. As a whole, the proposed building would comprise a total of approximately 53,064 square metres, of which 16,936 square metres is existing non-residential gross floor area. 36,128.5 square metres of proposed residential GFA.

Includes the following properties:

  • 415  YONGE  ST
  • 409  YONGE  ST
  • 17  MC GILL  ST
  • 9  MC GILL  ST
295 Jarvis St

This application proposes to amend the Zoning By-law to permit a 36 storey residential tower with 351 dwelling units with a total gross floor area of 23,507 square metres at 295 Jarvis Street.  The proposed building would have a height of 112.2 metres including the mechanical penthouse.  The proposal includes five levels of underground parking. The proposal would result in the demolition of the existing 'Inglewood Arms', a licensed rooming house containing approximately 88 dwelling rooms and 2 dwelling units.

133 Queen St E

Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit a 41-storey mixed-use building with an overall height of 125.55 metres to the top of roof (133.05 metres to the top of the mechanical penthouse). 440 dwelling units, 1,300 square metres of retail space on the ground and second floors

Properties include:

  • *  133 Queen Street East
  • *  128 Richmond Street East