202 Jarvis St

Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a 41-storey mixed-use building consisting of a 11-storey base component for institutional and retail use, and a 29-storey tower component for student residences. The proposal includes 51,065 square metres of gross floor area, of which 31,468 square metres is institutional, 19,021 square metres is residential, and 576 square metres of retail

218 Dundas St E

Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment Application to facilitate the development of a 46-storey mixed-use building comprised of 1029.2 square metres of non-residential gross floor area, and 35,299.2 square metres of residential gross floor area including 588 residential dwelling units.

Properties include:

  • 212  DUNDAS  ST  E 
  • 218  DUNDAS  ST  E 
  • 279 1/2  GEORGE  ST
244 Church St

As of 20200310:  54-storey, 648 dwelling units, building with retail space at grade

Properties include:

  • 244 CHURCH ST
  • 250 CHURCH ST
  • 254 CHURCH ST
  • 258 CHURCH ST
  • 260 CHURCH ST
241 Church Street



This application proposes to amend the Zoning By-laws to permit a 53-storey mixed use development including ground floor commercial uses and 592 dwelling units with a total gross floor area of 35,668 square metres at 241 Church Street. The proposed building would have a height of 163.2 metres,170.65 metres including the mechanical penthouse.

Includes the following property:

  • 241 Church Street