Moss Park Development Petition

Moss Park is getting a beautiful new $100 million community centre to replace the 50+ year old John Innes Centre.
There have been community roundtable meetings throughout the summer. We have been to every meeting and every event but at the July 20 meeting they let the neighbourhood down.
They announced they are building the new centre on the west side of the park against the Moss Park Armoury.

This was no longer a community consultation.

What does this mean?

Clear cutting mature trees to accommodate the new centre and also for the staging area in the middle of the park.

All outdoor sports facilities will be gone for 6 or more years

The formal baseball field and the soccer field has been eliminated in the new plan. An entire generation of young athletes will lose out here.

The new centre with its parking garage and garbage service bays will back onto a residential street
Area residents and businesses have not been consulted with this new plan. Half of the tables at the September 20th consultation were vocally opposed to the move of the centre.

The Garden District Residents Association has met with the project team to discuss alternatives and were refused.

We have requested usage and program statistics at the centre and have not received anything. We have requested alternative program spaces be investigated and considered during construction but were refused.

Sign the petition to ask City Hall to not take the easy way out by ignoring the people who use the park, ignoring the children who need outdoor sport facilities, ignoring the residents and businesses surrounding the park, and ignoring the need to save mature trees in the city.

Convince the city to come up with innovative programs that works for the community.
Save the trees. Save the children's outdoor sports. Build on the current site and don't build in the park.

For more information, read the Garden District Residents Association's position paper. Developments page GDRA Files

Garden District Residents Association's position paper

Moss Park Development Petition. Thank You for the support.
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