2016 Annual General Meeting

general meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Garden District Residents Association is currently scheduled for May 30.  Stay tuned for the location and time!

Members who wish to run for a place on the Board are advised to prepare a short biography which they can use when the official call for the AGM is issued.

Key passages from the GDRA Constitution:
3.1 Voting Members (Single Residences):  Any private individual residing within the territorial jurisdiction and of the age of majority (18+) may be Voting Members upon registration within The GDRA with the exception of Section 3.2 below.  Having passed the waiting period of 28 days, and prior to voting and having paid the annual fee as set by the Directors, members will be considered "current members".

3.2 Voting Members (Multi-Unit Buildings):  For buildings having more than 5 residential units, whether they are organized as co-ops, condominiums, or some other governance structure, voting membership is limited to one per building. Any resident of the building may attend meetings of the association, but in order to vote, a spokesperson for the building must be identified to the Secretary and that individual will be recognized as voting on behalf of the building.  It is assumed that the spokesperson will be chosen by the board of that building.  Only a single annual fee will be assessed per building.  The same 28-day wait period to be considered a “current member” applies as in section 3.1. 

5.1 With a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice to current voting members, the Annual Meeting of The Garden District Residents Association will be held in April of each year and will elect the members of the Board of Directors of the Association for the year beginning on May 1st. Notice to members may take the form of the paper letter or e-mail or similar electronic communication. 

5.2 The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.  If there are fewer than 5 candidates for the Board, each of these candidates will be considered acclaimed to a position on the Board.   If there are more candidates than the maximum number of 5 directors, an election by secret ballot will be held.  The new Board will be formed by the 5 candidates who receive the most votes on the ballot. 

5.3 All current members of the Association shall be eligible to vote and stand for election at the Annual Meeting.

5.6 Absentee voting is acceptable upon written proxy from the absent member. 

5.7 No member shall hold more than five (5) proxies.  

5.8 A quorum shall constitute all those members present at a meeting and those members not present but represented as described in Articles 5.6 and 5.7.   

5.9 Subject to Articles 5.6 and 5.7, a simple majority of fifty percent (50%) of all members eligible to vote who are present at a meeting shall be required to pass any motion other than a motion for constitutional amendment.

The complete Constitution can be found on gardendistrict.ca