Upcoming TDSB By-Election

The following is a submitted article for inclusion without endorsement from the GDRA but as a reminder to vote for a new Ward 14 Toronto District School Board Trustee:

Earlier this year, longtime TDSB Pam Hrick, Meagan Trush, Li Koo and Glen SimourdTrustee Sheila Ward passed away. Li Koo is one of several candidates running to carry on in her place — pictured second from the right. We caught up with Li at the GDRA’s Allan Garden’s Spring Cleanup. Here’s what she had to say about why she’s running:

“I believe in the power of the public education system and its ability to provide opportunities that shape our society. My wife Mary is a public high school teacher in the neighbourhood, and our daughter will be starting school in a few years. As a child of Chinese immigrants from India my early life was shaped by Toronto public schools, and I want to ensure that present and future generations of students have access to those same opportunities and more.

If chosen as your next Trustee, I will fix our crumbling schools, fight to keep student support programs running, and see that schools and their green spaces continue to be community hubs”.