Little more about us

We are residents, home and business owners, students, employers and employees volunteering to promote all measures that enhance safety, economic viability and the general quality of life in the neighbourhood.

  Garden District Residents Association MissionThe Garden District Residents Association will:  * Work to enhance the beauty and historic nature of the area (parks, culture, homes, gardens)   * Improve safety   * Help to balance interests amongst the community in recognition of its diversity   * Promote economic growth and vitality   * Provide information and education to members, decision makers and influencers   * Advocate to promote improvements and to mitigate potential negative initiatives   * Promote successes in our area   * Operate efficiently and effectively Garden District Residents Association Core ValuesAt the Garden District Residents Association we believe in:  * Fairness in balancing interests   * Compassion and dignity   * Responsiveness, reliability and pursuit of excellence   * Trust, accountability and openness   * Integrity and honesty   * Respect, equity and civility