Street Health: 338 Dundas Street East

Street Health Survey Closing November 28

Street Health is applying to the provincial government to establish a Consumption & Treatment Service (CTS aka SIS) to replace their Overdose Prevention Service (OPS aka SIS). A CTS is a model that is nearly identical to the services currently being offered. A CTS will provide a hygienic, safe and welcoming space for people to use drugs under the supervision of trained professionals including nurses with integrated wrap around referrals to health care, social services, and drug treatment. You are invited to complete this survey in order to provide feedback on a CTS at Street Health.
The survey results will be compiled for a report that will be sent to the provincial and federal government.
Your survey answers will be anonymous so please be open and honest.
You may wish to let your opinion known by completing the online survey being conducted by Street Health at 338 Dundas Street East

Community survey about consumption & treatment services - Open until November 28 2018