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Garden District Residents Association. We are residents, home and business owners, students, employers and employees volunteering to promote all measures that enhance safety, economic viability and the general quality of life in the neighbourhood. 

Our number one priority is SAFETY – the safety of ALL who live, visit and work in the Garden District. We work closely with 51 and 52 Division of the Metropolitan Police to advance law and order in this neighbourhood. We attend licensing and project development hearings to support initiatives that bring balance to the business and residential mix of our neighbourhood, and to oppose those that diminish them. Our First Garden District Festival was held on September 30, 2001 in Allan Gardens – a day of celebration for residents and officials, business owners, visitors and students. The concept of the Garden District provides an impetus to effect changes. Attractive green spaces, protected landmarks, safe playgrounds for children, well tended parks, streets and sidewalks are our rights. Let's work together to safeguard those rights.

Bordered by Gerrard Street to the North but including Allan Gardens, Yonge Street to the West, Sherbourne Street to the East and Queen Street to the South. 

You can still be a member even if you do not live within our boundaries. Contact us for more info and get involved!

The Garden District Residents Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating a safe and healthy downtown environment. 

Our neighbourhood was proclaimed The Garden District on September 30, 2001 by Mayor Lastman, and we have taken the name for our Association. The name draws on the tradition that more than a century ago gave us our first public parks. Flanked by tree-lined streets, Allan Gardens and Moss Park were once the pride and glory of Toronto's urban progress.

The committees and initiatives of the Association are related to safety, urban planning and development, private and public housing, rooming houses and social service facilities, traffic regulations and community recreation.