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284 Sherbourne St

Condominium Approval for a 4 unit building (a single 1-Bedroom and three 2-Bedroom) with 4 parking spaces.


519 Sports Facility in Moss Park Toronto

At a high level, the project team is developing plans for a 150, 000 to 200,000 square foot indoor/outdoor multi-use facility. The facility would be built to the highest accessibility and environmental standards, increase passive parkland, and build much needed turf space creating inclusive sport and recreational facilities. The opportunity to redevelop The John Innes Community Centre, Moss Park Arena and Moss Park for The 519 Sport and Recreation Project 4 project will allow for the renewal of much needed sport and recreation infrastructure in the community.

319 Jarvis Street

Jarvis Residences Inc. has retained Goldberg Group as land use planners in relation to an application to amend the Zoning By-law (ZBA) to permit redevelopment of the lands known municipally as 319, 321 and 323 Jarvis Street (the “subject site”) for a 50-storey mixed use residential building with retail uses at grade.  The project consists of a mix of 506 residential units, 69 sq. m. of retail and service space, 35,316  sq. m of residential area, and a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 30.89, as per gross floor area calculations under Zoning By-law 569-2013. 

The subject site is 1,143 sq. m. (0.28 ac) in size and located on the east side of Jarvis Street, approximately 60 m (196 ft.) south of Gerrard Street East, in Downtown Toronto. The subject site is currently occupied by a 3-storey commercial building at 319 and 321 Jarvis Street and a 3-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street. The commercial building at 319 Jarvis Street is currently occupied by a hotel and the 3½-storey mixed use building at 323 Jarvis Street contains a vacant retail store front and two residential rental units above. These properties are not listed or designated on the City’s Heritage Property Inventory.  

Application Number:  17 116378 STE 27 OZ

Planner Name:   Cynthia Owusu-Gyimah

Phone Number:   (416) 394-2608